Charles-Henri loved many things in life: his family, his red convertible, Maurice Richard and playing cards. He also liked beer very much. We name these beers in his honor and memory. Thanks, Grandpa. Nicolas and Mathieu.


A white beer inspired by the best Belgian brews with a good deal of wheat. Spices with the aromas of tangerine, coriander and orange peel.
Winner of Bronze 2016 – Canadian International Beer Awards – Best of the rest of Canada


Pairings : fishes – grilled shrimp – goat cheese


IBU: 19

Hops : Hallertauer Mittlefruh

Malt : Pale, Munich, Cara




Honey notes well balanced between malted grain and butterscotch with a lemony hop finish.
Winner of Gold 2016 – World Beer Awards – Amber Ales – Canada


Pairings : grilled meat – ribs – smoked sausage


IBU: 31

Hops : Willamette, Mittlefruh, Golding, Cascade

Malt : Pale Malt, Crystal, Wheat Malt


This slightly golden IPA is delicate while having character. It offers a wonderful balance between malt and hops with a hint of bitterness detected at the very end.


Pairings : cold cuts – strong cheese


IBU: 31

Hops : Galena, Cascade, Hallertauer, Willamette

Malt : Pale malt, Caramunich, Biscuit, Malt noir


Its slight bitterness and floral fragrances of its hops fit perfectly with its mild malty taste to create an easy drinking blond ale that stays complex.


Pairings: fried calmar, burgers


IBU: 25

Hops : Brewer’s Gold, Fuggle, Cluster

Malt : 2 Rangs, Carafa


Perfectly balanced, this Irish-inspired, creamy stout will seduce you with its subtle black chocolate and roasted coffee notes.


Pairings : cheesecake – brownie – smoked meat


IBU: 34

Hops : Golding US

Malt : Malt 2 rangs, Carabohemian, Flocons d’avoine, Orge


Our German-inspired blond pilsner spends a long time in our tanks
resulting in a lager that’s brilliant and refined.
*exclusive to our mix 12 pack and select bars*
*available in 500mL format at SAQ exclusively*


Accords : steak – smoked sausage – chorizo


IBU: 30


Malt : Pilsner, Acidulé