On a trip to England in 2001, the brothers stopped in an old inn where the owner, James Hickson, welcomed them with their signature beer, rich in hops offering a bitterness and sustained aromas. We draw inspiration from its tradition of brewing to develop our beers.


This floral India Pale Ale offers aromas of peach, pineapple, apricot and citrus. The use of premium American hops helps create a coarse yet balanced bitterness that will leave none indifferent.
Winner of Gold 2017 – Prix du Public – Volet Bière

Pairings: cold cuts – strong cheese – spicy meals


IBU: 53

Hops : Magnum, Centennial, Citra, Cascade, Chinook

Malt : Crystal, Pale Malt


This Imperial IPA is a delight for the senses. With a sharp hop profile, it has an explosive aromatic bouquet which is the result of an intense dry hopping. Its perfect balance between hops, malt, and alcohol makes it easy and pleasant to drink.
Winner of Silver 2016 – CANADA / Imperial – World Beer Awards
Winner of Platinum 2015 – Concours Greg Noonan Mondial de la Bière

Pairings: chorizo – guacamole – chili – salmon


IBU: 74

Hops : Calypso, Cascade, Mosaic

Malt : Crystal, Pale, Cara


This unconventional black lager will surprise you with its smoothness as well as its woody and fruity notes with, in the background, a slight perception of chocolate and caramel.

Pairings: braised beef – chocolate desserts


IBU: 30

Hops : Fuggle

Malt : 2 rangs, Munich, Vienna, Chocolate


This American-inspired IPA Session offers intense flavors of grapefruit, citrus and more subtle peach notes. Its malty body is characterized by a touch of spices, brought by the malt of rye.


Pairings: citrus fruit salads – spicy shrimp – thaï salmon


IBU: 39

Hops : Mandarina, Galaxy, Citra

Malt : Malt 2 rangs, Malt de seigle, Malt au miel, Flocons de blé


Its subtle fig and date notes harmonize perfectly with its brown sugar and caramel aromas to create a rich and velvety beer.


Pairings: strong cheese – osso bucco – prosciutto


IBU: 28

Hops : Crystal

Malt : Malt 2 rangs, Caramunich, Flocons de blé


The infusion of peaches and mangoes combined with cold hopping give this New England IPA powerful aromatic notes.


IBU: 56

Hops : Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, Mandarina

Fruits : Mango, Peach

Malts : Pale, Oats, Wheat


This barley wine is inspired by American methods,
Hence the presence of aromatic hops. You can savor its pleasant notes of fruit, malt and brown rum since it is aged with oak chips macerated in Caribbean rum.
The use of barley combined with a smooth and slow fermentation creates a perfect marriage that generates an aromatic profile that you will appreciate greatly.
Winner Gold 2017 – Concours Greg Noonan Mondial de la Bière


Offered in select events and bars exclusively


IBU: 64

Hops : Centennial, Galaxy, Amarillo

Malt : Pâle, Crystal, Roasted Barley, Rum chips


This beer is the result of an original combination of Belgian yeasts, rye and noble hops commonly found in the most appreciated and innovative IPA, hence its Triple name of the New World.
The perfect balance between the subtlety of rye and the sustained mixture of hops will not leave you indifferent.


Offered in select events and bars exlusively


IBU: 48

Houblons : Magnum, Mandarina, Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe

Malt : Pale, Wheat, Rye, Crystal